Welcome to our podcast booking agency's dedicated page for our valued clients who are interested in being featured as guests on other podcasts! Being a podcast guest - it's a fantastic opportunity to increase your exposure, reach new audiences, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. 


Fred Moskowitz is an investment fund manager who is highly focused on mortgage note investing. With his recently released book, "The Little Green Book Of Note Investing," Fred is doing a podcast tour to share some of the stories and techniques about note investing. Fred is an experienced speaker, author, and educator who is well-versed in unconventional investment strategies, alternative asset investing, real estate, and cash flow investments. He can talk about the importance of mortgage notes as part of a diversified portfolio, utilizing self-directed IRAs as part of your retirement account strategy, and leveraging the power of health savings accounts. Fred's expertise in these areas makes him an ideal guest for real estate investing podcasts looking to educate and inform their listeners about note investing and unconventional investment strategies.


Brandon Gilbert is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a passion for alternative health. After overcoming his own health issues with tonic herbs, he is on a mission to spread awareness about their transformative capacity. Brandon is currently on a podcast tour, looking for opportunities to share his views and experiences with a larger audience. With over a decade of experience in his niche, Brandon has already established a brand and following, which can help cross-promote your show. He has created an extensive portfolio of 700+ videos on Youtube, along with thousands of hours of podcast and online classes, making him a compelling and engaging guest for any show. By having Brandon on your show, you can offer your audience unique insights and valuable knowledge on the power of tonic herbs. 

Brandon can discuss about the following topics:

1. HIs health journey from withdrawn, depressed, and not very intelligent introvert to serial entrepreneur, teacher, and internal arts practitioner.

2. The power and transformative capacity of tonic herbs.

3. Why medicinal mushrooms are something most everyone should be taking.

4. How to not get ripped off when buying medical mushrooms..

5. Critiques or improvements that can be made on many modern health paradigms. Keys to understanding Eastern philosophy and internal arts.

6. Deeper aspects and true mechanics of healing

7. How therapy, selfhelp, social media and dating apps ruined modern love

8. Why trauma is a word that mostly has lost its meaning.

9. Secret cause of depression and anxiety


Meet Malcolm Peace, a seasoned business coach, consultant, and founder of Tsetserra Growth Partners. His company specializes in acquiring family-owned small businesses in Texas, with a unique long-term approach that emphasizes growth and sustainability.

Malcolm has a wealth of experience in helping small firms navigate industry challenges, innovate, and make informed decisions. He is passionate about accelerating sales objectives, resolving personnel issues, and promoting more effective strategies for his clients.

As a first-generation American with Southern African ancestry, Malcolm takes pride in integrating his business and civic engagement efforts to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial connections within the small business community.

Malcolm is an expert in various topics related to business, including building and establishing businesses, white-collar versus blue-collar businesses, raising capital for acquisitions, and building cultures in teams that don't revolve around you. He would be an excellent guest for any business-themed podcast seeking to provide value to its listeners.

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Amber J is a transformational coach and speaker on a mission to help people navigate change and transitions with clarity, healing, action, growth, and evolution. With a focus on epigenetics, advanced testing, preventive medicine, anti-aging, holistic care without prescriptions, lifestyle medicine, and nutrition, Amber offers a unique approach to personal development and transformation. Her podcast tour covers a range of topics, including why change is hard for us, common changes we face, and how to find purpose and fulfillment in life. Through deep and fun work, she helps individuals identify their true desires and purpose, empowering them to take 100% responsibility for their lives and create the life they truly want. Amber would love to talk about the following topics:

Why is change so hard for us?

What are common changes?

I just lost my job the career I have been working for the past 20 years what should I do?

Why would I go to someone like you when I am going through a change?

Are you facing CHANGE or going through a Transition?

For those of us finding ourselves in a transition…

changing jobs

changing relationships

changing beliefs





N - New Thought/ Practice


E- Evolve/ Embrace

hannah newman

Meet Hannah Newman, a holistic wellness expert and podcast guest extraordinaire! With a passion for gut health, natural medicine, and positive psychology, Hannah is the perfect guest for podcasts that focus on all things wellness. She's well-versed in epigenetics, advanced testing, preventive medicine, anti-aging, and lifestyle medicine, and she's a proponent of holistic care without prescriptions. Whether you're looking to improve your health through nutrition, or you're interested in exploring the latest in holistic wellness, Hannah has the knowledge and expertise to help you on your journey. As a podcast guest, Hannah brings a wealth of knowledge and practical tips for improving overall health and well-being.  So, if you're looking for an engaging and informative guest for your podcast, Hannah Newman is the perfect choice! 

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